A young monk, setting out to meet the world for the first time.


Physical Description
Artemis is a human. He has a lean but athletic build, and tanned skin from many hours spent under the sun. He has a handsome face, with sharp and chiseled features. He has grayish-green eyes and black hair, but he he keeps a clean-shaven face and head at all times. He stands 5’8" tall and has a dark, claw-shaped birthmark on the back of his head, right behind his right ear.

Aretmis wears the traditional dark red robes of the monks of the Order of Fabul. Any who know of his order would easily be able to recognize him as a monk. He also wears a necklace that bears the symbol of Avandra. It was left in the basket that he was found in as an infant. He will tell you that he wears it not out of any particular allegiance to Avandra, but because it is the only link to his unknown past.

Artemis has a quiet, seemingly thoughtful manner about him. When speaking to others, he is almost always polite. When sitting or standing at rest he remains almost perfectly still, and he can spend hours in this state while in meditation. While not at rest his movements are smooth and fluid, even while in battle, making it look like he’s moving much slower than he really is.

Artemis carries a backpack containing adventuring gear given to him by his master, as well as a staff and sling, both of which he made himself. In addition he carries a small knife, which he likes to use for whittling stray bits of wood.


21 years ago, a baby was left in a basket at the door of a monastery in the dark of night. Monks of the Order of Fabul found the baby in the morning. The baby was wrapped in several blankets, and among the blankets was a note saying, “His name is Artemis. I can no longer keep him safe. Please take care of him.” The head master of the monastery, an elf by the name of Maloduc (pronounced mallow duck), took it as his responsibility to care for the boy.

Artemis grew up living among the monks, learning their ways. Despite there being no other children his age, he had a happy childhood. Most of the monks of the monastery took a liking to him and treated him well, and Master Maloduc treated him like he was his own son. Growing up among the monks, he marvelled at their graceful and fluid movements. From a very young age, he knew that he wanted to be able to do the amazing things that he saw the monks around him do.

Around the age of 13, Artemis began training with the other monks. He worked as hard or harder than any other student. Because he had been around the monks all of his life, he caught on much faster than most. When they began sparring, his talent shined through and he scored many more victories than losses. Even Maloduc was impressed by what he saw from the young student.

However, after progressing past the rank of novice and earning the right to train himself, Artemis’ progression stalled. He still spent much of his time in training or meditation, but he seemed to be much slower in learning new techniques. Also, while other students left the monastery to travel the world, Artemis lagged behind, spending all of his training time repeating the same exercises and techniques.

The monastery is fairly isolated, and has few visitors from the outside world other than prospective students. Artemis knows little of anything outside of the monastery walls.

When there was the announcement that an adventuring guildhouse was being opened, Maloduc came to Artemis. Maloduc told him that his training could go no further by staying at the monastery, and that there is more to life than what could be found inside their walls. He said that he wanted him to go to the guildhouse and find ways to help out.

Artemis did not want to leave the monastery, and is secretly frightened to leave. However, he trusts and loves Maloduc and does not wish to disappoint him.


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