Dorian is an albino minotaur, white fur, pink eyes and pink nose. He is shorter than most of his kind, standing at 6 feet 5 inches. Scale armor adorns his body as he carries a very large shield and battle axe. Upon his armor is the standard minotaur labyrinth sigil of his tribe, an inverted double L. Around his head glows a light blue corona that glows brighter as his powers are activated.


An old minotaur seer prophesied the fall of their tribe by the hand of a snow white minotaur. Since this prophecy, the albino children that weren’t killed at birth were banished to the deepest layers of the labyrinth. Dorian was one such child. Exiled and left for dead, he was found by a handful of other albino beasts, each of them with a glowing circle about their heads of various colors. The outcast clan took Dorian in, honing his fighting skills and nurturing his psionic skills. After Dorian’s potential was fully recognized, the clan elders called on him to complete his final trial. He was sent into the lower-middle sections of the labyrinth and charged with finding his way back to the clan that raised him. After being unable to find his way for many weeks, Dorian came across the settlement that had once banished him. Alone and afraid, Dorian was chased from the village, narrowly avoiding death. Once again, the labyrinth awaited his return. Many more weeks of wandering alone passed before he found an exit. Dorian stepped out of the maze, seeing a vast mountainous horizon and an azure sky above him.

As Dorian became used to the brightness of the sun, he found his way down the mountainside. He eventually stepped onto a plateau, where he saw a stocky bearded man, dwarven in nature. Dorian knew if he was going to be in this world, it would be necessary to learn a few things. This was the first being he had seen since being chased from the primary minotaur village, and thought this could be a good opportunity. Slowly, he knelt down and gently placed his axe on the ground, indicating to the dwarf he had no intention to fight. The dwarf nodded, and placed his weapon on the ground as well. Food was shared, and the dwarf introduced himself as Bingdun. The two of them traveled as Bingdun taught Dorian some of the dwarven dialect and customs. Dorian learned his new friend was a former paladin of Pelor, and many of the dwarves who worship Pelor in the dwarven city had become corrupt and unnecessarily violent. Only a handful held to the teachings of the church and left the city in the name of survival.


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