Old Llwellen

A permanent fixture in the village of Clamington, Old Llewellen spends his days fishing and entertaining the village children of the tales of their ancestors.


Physical Description

Llewellen bears the image of the prototypical eladrin, but his violet-blue eyes betray the weary years with which he’s lived among the humans of Clamington, away from his beloved Feywild. He has white hair, which is typically pulled back into a long, braided ponytail. He stands 5’11" tall, and has a small crescent moon tattoo on the nape of his neck on the left side.


Llewellen long ago abandoned the more ornate and fluid dress of his native Feywild, choosing instead to dress in a fashion similar to the men who live around him. During town festivals, local celebrations and on holy days he will wear the robes he once wore as a lad in the Feywild. At all times he wears a silver necklace holding a pendant in the shape of the crescent moon.


Llewellen has a presence that’s commanding yet not imposing. He often seems aloof, as if he’s staring off another world altogether (and he probably is). He carries himself in a confident, yet leisurely stride.


Listen, dear children, to the voices of your ancestors. They tell you the tales of love, life, and the frailty of human flesh. Hear their words, learn their lessons well. Most of all, beware the corruption of power, which seeks to destroy your souls.

A village fixture

To the residents of Clamington, Old Llewellen is as much a fixture as the forest from which they claim their firewood and the water from which they claim their fish. More at home with the children of the village than the adults, nearly every resident can recall fondly the times which Llewellen would produce spectacular fireworks shows, or tell the tale of the village’s past. He enjoys entertaining the dreams and ideas of children, and is always willing to lend them an ear or impart some sage advice.

Over the years, many leaders in the town have attempted to draw Llewellen into various disputes. Only in the most serious of cases has he chosen to intervene, and only then did he do so as an impartial voice of reason.

When the town has been in distress, Llewellen has frequently been involved in its protection, although in a very modest and supportive role rather than any kind of leadership.

Personal history

Little is known of Llewellen’s past – at least, his past before he arrived in Clamington. There has been wild speculation that he was exiled from the feywild for egregious sins against his people, or that he was once the advisor to kings. Some suggest that he was once a great adventurer, and still others suspect he’s descended from one of Clamington’s founders. No one alive today in Clamington can be sure of any of it, save Llewellen, and no one dares ask him out of courtesy.

What is known is that Llewellen can be found in his small, modest home, located just outside the village. He regularly attends community events, and has as long as anyone can remember. He is the town’s unofficial records keeper, and can recite the name, birthday and lineage of every citizen of the town, going back at least 200 years. If he has any children or has ever been married, no one in the village has ever heard of it.

Outlook and personality

Llewellen comes off as odd, at best, to strangers of the town. Indeed, he would probably seem aloof to the town’s residents, had he not known most of them since childhood. He’s always teaching a lesson or spinning a yarn whenever a child is willing to listen. He is ever-warning of the dangers of power and corruption, and ready to point out the self-interested way in which humans seem to make most of their decisions.

Old Llwellen

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