A young goliath on a quest for glory and to find that one perfect stone. . .


Physical Description
“Scars are tattoos with better stories.”

Runga is a Goliath of average stature for his race. He stands 7’5" tall and has a muscled build. He has tattoos across his upper torso and head with a streak of blue across one side of his face. The other distinguishing feature which is very quickly noticeable when close to him are his white eyes. Most people initially believe him to be blind until they test the theory or end up asking him.

“A man of courage never needs weapons, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few handy.”

Runga wears hide leather to protect himself in battle, but still allow him to keep very mobile. He prefers to wear bones and teeth over what he would consider to be gaudy jewelry of gold and gems. His one exception to this rule is natural uncut stones. He will collect and fashion his own accessories with these when he finds them.

He carries a scarred and worn Greataxe with him as well as a few Javelins and hand axes.

“I prefer to let my actions speak louder than my words…sometimes, MUCH louder”

Runga is generally found to be striking a pose of bemused indifference, as if he alone is privy to some joke that the people around him are a part of. He is quick to laughter as well as quick to anger.
When fighting Runga lets himself live in the moment and fully commit himself to the chaos of the battle. This has been a strength, as his foes can attest…and a weakness, as his scars can attest.


“Unfortunately, people in my position do not tend to have many living friends. Living foes are bad for business and thus I tend not to keep them either.”

Runga was a young man when he first came to Lakeside from his hometown of Wingspan. His parents died in a cave-in at the mines when he was 16 years of age. This left Runga alone to care for himself and his younger brother Garu. Runga decided to travel to Lakeside in hopes of making a name for himself. Without a home or much money Runga found himself taking odd jobs as a laborer to keep himself and his brother fed and his ideas of glory or fame became more of a dream than a plan.

He eventually found himself in the employ of the proprietor of a gambling hall; a man named Oswald Kuuga. Runga worked for him as a bodyguard for many years. Runga honed his fighting skills while brawling with obstinate patrons or protecting Oswald’s business (or Oswald himself) from rivals who would see harm done to him.

After a time Oswald had Runga take on extra duties (for bonus pay) by collecting on gambling debts. While Runga’s stature and demeanor had generally been enough to get the payments without violence, he felt that it was implied that he collect the money through whatever means necessary. He decided he did not want to continue on this path and tempt fate any further. He knew that one day he would have to make the choice to have to enforce his employers will on someone that could not or would not pay.

Upon hearing of the guild hall being built and the call for adventurers to come, Runga made the decision to leave the employ of Oswald and to begin a new life as an adventurer. With Garu now holding his own job and able to fend for himself, Runga was free again to follow the path of glory he had once envisioned.


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