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In Lakeside, a member of the Black Plumes was being publicly hanged. A great crowd gathered to to watch the spectacle including 4 outsiders just arriving in the city and 2 others who had been living there.

After the hanging, all six ended up meeting each other in the crowd. Most of them were heading for the new adventurers guildhouse that had just been opened in the city and they decided to walk there together. One of the group, Old Llwellen, told the rest that he is going to the guildhouse to look for help with finding out what happened to a young member of his town, a fishing village called Clamington. The Black Plumes had been causing trouble in the town, and it seemed the young man had either been kidnapped by the Plumes or had joined up with the Plumes willingly. The group decided that they would like to help him, but after talking for a short bit, decided to head to the guildhouse anyway to check it out.

Once at the guildhouse, the group met up with Denald Pots, who was running the guildhouse. He showed them the post, where people can post quests, and told them how they can go about taking a quest. They asked Denald if he had any more info about the Black Plumes, and he showed them that one of the quests was posted by the crown, and is asking for info that could help bring down the Black Plumes. He told them the only lead they have is that the Plumes had been very active around Clamington lately.

The group traveled to Clamington. Once there, Old Llwellen pointed out some people who were drunk and were not natives of Clamington. A couple of members of the group confronted the drunks and told them to head off. The drunks walked away without too much fuss. Artemis followed them to a bar on the other side of town, and came back to tell the group where they went. They all headed to the bar.

When they arrived, they saw that the drunks had been joined by several others including several monsterous humanoids. They were gathered outside the bar and were getting rowdy. A man tried to leave the bar, but the drunks stopped him and told him to give them his money. The group of adventurers tried to talk the drunks into letting him go, but the conversation did not go well and a fight broke out.

The group defeated the drunks, but the man who was coming out of the bar was killed during the fight. The adventurers did not kill the entire group of drunks, and left an elf alive to question him. They took him back to Llwellen’s house and questioned him there about the Black Plumes. The only thing that they got out of him was that the Plumes were actually being lead by the king himself, Lord Tyler Pykle. The group had told the elf that they would let him go, but in anger for what had happened at the bar, Llwellen shot the elf with a magic missle, killing him as he left.

The group decided not to take the information that they got from the elf back to Lakeside, but waited in Clamington in case more Black Plumes showed up. After a week, nothing happened, but the group did hear from some travellers that Black Plume activity had seemed to be very quiet lately.


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