“The Hidden Coast”
-The Free Trail:
This trade route leads from the mainland though the island. Last month the bridge spanning from the mainland was destroyed in an explosion caused by a wizards suicide.
The restoration effort has been slow, and not even half the work has been done to rebuild a new bridge.

-Carol Point:
What was once the islands most popular vacation spot is now one of it’s most avoided locations.
Winnigale Carol was brutally Murdered here by her husband on their honeymoon. Blood red flowers grow on the spot where she bled to death and people say that the area is haunted by her ghost.

-Drake Wood:
This forest was named based on the fact that drakes of all manner dwell here. They almost never cause issues for the village unless someone enters the woods. The Drakes are highly territorial.

-The Dark Valley:
A strange type of mushroom grows here in the valley. They are black and purple in color and have dire consequences if consumed.
Local wild life has been seen with this fungus growing from inside their bodies. The results were always fatal.

-The Drunk Duck Inn:
The glory days of the Drunk Duck Inn are long gone. Tourists, adventurers, merchants, the Drunk Duck was once full with them at all times. Travel to the island has grown scarce in the past few years. And with the bridge out things are even slower. Still there’s no better place to get a steaming hot bowl of “Spicy Crab Meat Stew”.

-The Mossy Woods:
The Galeb Duhr who dwell in these woods have always been peaceful, even trading from time to time with Poisson and the Elves and Halflings of North Wood.
Sailors and fishermen from Poisson are especially fond of the mildly psychadelic mushrooms that grow here in the Mossy Woods and the Galeb Duhr will often gather them and offer them in trade at the Poisson Market.

-The Village Poisson:
Based on the banks of Misty Bay, Poisson is mostly populated by Human and Dwarven fishermen. Seafood and coral are the primary exports of Poisson and the Village does well for how secluded it is from the mainland.
Market row is always a busy place and Seamus Tavern has fantastic ale and food. The village militia and Mayor Quimby Wavewaker occupy Fort Kearny.

-The North Wood:
Wild deer and rabbits roam the North Wood. Both are often hunted by people from Poisson for food. Deep within the wood lies Evergreene, a small Elven hamlet, and Bache, a halfling encampment.

-Holden’s Wood:
An old hermit named Holden lives here in solitude. His tendancy for “experimenting” while in animal forms got him excommunicated from his druidic circle that lives in the Mossy Woods.

-Old Rock Isles:
Dwarven miners from Poisson sail here to extract gold silver and other precious stones.

-Old Captain’s Rock/The Old Lighthouse:
Groundskeeper Derth Proudhawk and his family live here and tend to the lighthouse pyre. His family sails to Poisson on a small ship every 2 weeks to get food and supplies. He never joins them on this trip. It has been 16 years since he took the position as groundskeeper and he has yet to leave the island once.

-The Hag Needles:
Rumors and fairy tales tell the story of vile hags that dwell on these small islands. No one alive however has ever ventured here in order to find out if this is true.
Barnest Badarus the Poisson village drunkard claims to have not only have traveled to the Hag Needles, but also to have slain the hags that dwell there too. His story, however changes each time he tells it.

-Brian’s Island:
A wise old dragon named Brian used to live in a huge cave on this island. He has not been seen in over 20 years.
He used to visit Poisson every new years eve to celebrate with the village. One year he just stopped showing up. Most villagers just believe he died in the Great Dragon’s War long ago that took place on the mainland.

-The Windswept Wall:
Home to Goblins, Orcs, and plenty of other creatures. The tribes that live in the mountains keep to themselves and almost never come down to the coast. Aside from the rising smoke from their fires or the stray groups of Orcs and goblins that make the trek to the beach to fish the people of the coast would never even know these tribes were there at all.


Ruled by the Red Dragon Wyn, the Flame of Life.

Major settlements:

-Dragonport, The capital of Amaranth. Wyn himself makes his home in the tallest tower here overlooking the city. Considered by most to be the cultural mecca of Darqonia, Dragonport is a city of wonder. Parades are held daily and and fireworks light the night sky. The citizens of Dragonport feel life is a celebration.

-Shadowshore, a small quiet farming town. Shadowshore was recently laid to waste by ravenous undead. These unholy hordes were vanquished by local heroes recently.

-The Cradle, a goblin and goliath settlement mostly, the Cradle spans between two mountain side cliffs. An enormous bridge connects the northern and southern sides of the town. The Cradle is known for it’s excellent fishing.

-Foxhaven, a major trading post within the Whistling Woods is bordered by high walls of wood and stone. Home to the famous Dew Drop Inn and the original Trade of Blades outpost, Foxhaven has ever been a hub for adventurers the world over.

Places of interest:

-Blue Ridge Mountains, named for the gorgeous blue flowers that grow along the base of the mountain range. Years after the bloodshed from the great battles between Goliath and Giant, this has become a fairly peaceful location. The Cradle is located here along with many other small settlements. Goliaths, Giants, Goblins, and Kobolds live here in relative harmony.

-The Whistling Woods, a large forest that stretches for miles in every direction. The trees here sprout an odd form of leaf that whistles in the wind. The forest is more dangerous the further you get towards the center, but several outposts lie within the forest none the less. Foxhaven is among the settlements here. Directly in the center of the woods the Temple of Chaos will sometimes appear. Obssessed adveturers have been known to camp here for months or even years straight hoping to enter the temple and claim the treasures within.

The land of Celadon lies in ruins since the events of war 20 years ago.

Fenburg: Once the capital of this nation, is now a shadow of it’s former self. Elven and Halfling houses lining the streets and the trees above are rundown and overgrown.
The cannibal elves of Kazandu now walk it lonely paths.

Scalus’ Temple and Gustus’ Temple: These structures one served as the homes of Celadon’s former rulers. Today they serve as little more than a cruel reminder of this nations past glory.

Dimwald and Fort Dimwald: The Halflings that once dwelled within this town were once considered a fine military power. Man, woman, and child ready to take up arms to protect it’s borders. Their martial prowess was of no use against the poison that brought their society to a grizzly end.
Rumors of the Dimwald’s hidden cache of fine weaponry attract the occasional adventurer. Though there are no records to support whether the cache was ever found.

The Celadon House of Worship: An enormous church, once dedicated as a location for all those that put their faith in the forces of good. Several missionaries have been toiling here for months to restore the church to it’s former glory. Their numbers are few however, and the church is extremely expansive. Many of it’s floors, hidden chambers, and catacombs have yet to be explored by the missionaries.

The Swamp Caves: One of the only areas in Celadon to be largely unaffected by the poisoning years ago…the caves remain just as dangerous as they ever were. The home of bandits and thugs, as well as monsters alike, the caves are not a forgiving place. Many of the caves have passage to the Lowerdarq and it’s not all that uncommon for something unspeakable to crawl to the surface by way of these caves. Rumors have it that famed criminal Seth Seven Fingers has been seen here.

Hammerfast: A mighty walled city built on Lake Celadon, Hammerfast has not been occupied for long before the Dragon war. One of the last relics of the old world, before the Dragons came to power… Dwarves and Orcs used to live together in Hammerfast. Civil war tore them apart and rumor has it that the ghosts of those who fell in battle were cursed to wander the city in undeath forever.


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