The continent of Raybit is home to the kingdom of Phoenix Glen. Farmers and fishermen by trade the community enjoys peaceful life for the most part.
Under the rule of Lord Branston Pykle the kingdom has remained safe for years now. Protected by Rangers in the forest wilds surrounding the land and a strong military presence on the home front.
However Lord Branston has recently passed and the kingdom has fallen to the rule of his son, the newly appointed Lord Tyler.
Under Lord Tyler’s rule thus far the Rangers have been lax in their post, and the military has become less active in patrol. Lord Tyler has reduced the amount of tribute given to the rangers of the wild and has increased the tax rate the Phoenix Glen citizens live under.
To attempt to counteract this, Lord Tyler has built a local guild hall in hopes of attracting adventurers to pick up the slack as he is unwilling to cave in to the changes he has made.

Key areas of Raybit:

Lakeside- Lakeside is the capital city of the kingdom of Phoenix Glen. Located on the southern shore of Phoenix lake, Lord Tyler’s castle is located here, in the middle of the city.
Lakeside is the cultural hub of Phoenix Glen, many of the citizens are very well to do and dressed to match. High fashion, arts, and theater performance are largely popular here and many Glenians come from miles around to enjoy Lakeside’s unique and entertaining culture.

Stonesthrow- Stonesthrow is a large rural community of farmers that tend to livestock and the great fields of Phoenix Glen. The yearly harvest festival draws people from the entire kingdom for celebration, feast, and song and dance. The village is fairly quiet for the remainder of the year however.

Wingspan- Wingspan is a small town of mostly lumber jacks and their families that make their living on the edge of the wilds. Many fine miners and blacksmiths also take up residence here.

Clamington- Clamington is located near the shore of Phoenix Lake just west of Lakeside. Fishermen by trade; the villagers here earn a tidy sum pulling in fresh seafood from the lakes calm waters.

Phoenix Wilds- There are few that venture deep into the vast forests that border the kingdom save a handful of rangers and brave souls looking for a thrill. Dangerous beasts and forgotten ruins litter the forest and make travel within quite unsafe. A rather unsavory thieves guild, calling themselves the Black Plumes make their home deep in the wilds.


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